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Customers Say:

I just bought your 2 videos on helping the gaits and cantering. I sure learned a lot. Both were the best videos I have ever seen on the subject.

I just finished watching your second DVD about teaching your gaited horse to canter. I have your first set of DVD's. They were very helpful. This second DVD is great!

Gaited Horse Naturally - Instructional Videos

Twenty Years of Experience Training Gaited Horses and Their Owners
For the past twenty years I have traveled all over the world helping owners of Tennessee Walking Horses, Missouri Foxtrotters, Icelandic Horses, Rocky Mountain Horses, Peruvian Pasos and Paso Finos to not only gain a better gait, but a better relationship with their horse. Over this time I have worked to perfect my methods of teaching people how to get amazing results with their gaited horses.

My Proven Methods Can Help You

I have helped thousands of students with their gaited horses. My videos cover simple techniques that can help you to influence your horses gaits in a natural way.

No Harsh Techniques Needed!!

When I bought my first gaited horse over twenty years ago, I was given a set of four-pound shoes and some logging chains – which the professional trainer told me was the only way to teach her to gait. Now I know a better way. After meeting Pat Parelli, and learning how to interact with horses in a more natural way – I developed these techniques in order to give the gaited horse a better deal, and to give the gaited horse owner a better relationship and far better results.

No Pulling

Are you tired of pulling on the reins like a water skier in order to keep your horse in gait? You don't have to. Your horse can gait beautifully on a loose rein. Let me help you learn how.

What you will learn:
Sneak Preview
(from Gaited Horses Naturally Part 1)

I can help you with your gaited horse!

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